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I woke up and looked out my window,
Time was passing and the world was slipping by.
I chanced to pause, to see with my eyes,
Life around me, living and breathing outside my mind.
How could I not remember, how did I forget,
The poetry around me in the things I know, the people met?
Why have my eyes lost the light with which they saw,
The height of mountains, the flight of birds, with awe?

It seems, the older I get the less I remember to know,
The less I strive to learn, the slower my mind grows.
I had forgotten I could forget, so I let go.
With the gaze of the child I was I could see more,
Than when years of thought and knowledge made me bored.

How could I no longer see,
The light playing in patterns next to me?
How could I no longer feel,
The brush of my fingertips on clear glass and cold steel?
How did I become blind, forget,
The colour painted on the sky at sunset?
How did I become so weak,
I forgot my eyelashes brushing on my cheek,
As I looked up and remembered,
Snow falling from the sky in December?

My eyes have grown weary and my mind old,
Since I forgot the things that made life un-cold.
How did I not remember to laugh?
Shout at the sky?
Sing with the stars?
Smile simply because I know,
The people around me need to be shown,
That life is beautiful, wondrous, amazing.
Remember, don’t forget, the things still new, never changing.

My eyes grow blurry, I close them to sleep,
Doing my best to remember and keep,
The knowledge and memory,
Hidden inside me.
Look... it's the old me.
It's more along the lines of the things I used to write about, back when I wrote about more important things.

You know, I miss me and yesterday I realized I had forgotten who I was and that scared the heck out of me. I have absolutely no control over anything.

Yeah, you all probably knew that, I had just forgotten. I wish I had someone else other than me to remind myself of that fact because... I forget.
Human, that's what I am, flawed.
Kaboodleschmitt Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I think this is one of your best poems. You've captured the idea, the raw emotion brilliantly within the construct of the words.

Realizing you've lost yourself is never easy; finding yourself is never easy, but both are necessary at times. Just write more poems like this one and you'll be fine! ;]
Alnia Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010   Writer
I don't think I lost myself, I just stuck me in a courner and forgot about it :P
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September 28, 2009
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